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Whether you've suffered a dental disease or accident that has left your teeth unhealthy and dysfunctional, Dr. Linda Kay Nichols can help you regain your confidence with professional restorative dentistry.

“What a great dentist and a great staff. Thank you.”

– Steven R.

  • Root canals

  • Composite bonding

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Fillings

Restorative care services:

Did you know that when your oral health is in good standing the rest of your body typically follows suit? Keep up with good oral care for a healthy lifestyle. Make an appointment today for preventative dental care.

Healthy teeth, healthy life

Always feel at home when you're at our office. Our team has over 50 years' combined experience. Our accreditations include the International College of Dentists and Howard Riley Raper Dental Study Group.

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